About Eric 

A Way Out of addiction

Engage. Research. Progress.

I help free people from their limiting beliefs so they can get busy living their dreams. 

I’m Eric Gremminger: CEO of ERP Health, certified drug and alcohol counselor, motivational speaker, author, and proud person in long-term recovery.


I created the ERP Health as an antipode of the current addiction treatment methods, which are failing us.

ERP Health (based on the tenants of Engage, Research, and Progress) has been successfully implemented at multiple treatment centers across the country. Learn more about the program here.

I also hold regular workshops on the principles of Success as a Form of Service to inspire participants to live a life by design.  Stay up-to-date on current events by following me on social media.

Eric is in his second year as Director for our Wellness Program and has brought so many positive things to the table. Eric prepares and presents monthly Lunch & Learns to our firm on personal health and well-being. Programs are very well attended and have gotten much positive feedback on Eric’s topics and his personal attention. Eric takes his role as Director seriously and makes himself available to all our employees. He is a great asset to our firm and I personally have had wonderful experience working with him.


Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel LLP

Upcoming Events

May 1, 2019

Burlington, New Jersey

Addiction Workshop

Eric will be speaking to councilors on opiate addiction in a workshop by the Burlington County Disability Issues Committee, covering both addiction and emotional wellness.    

This is a closed event – if you are interested in having Eric speak to your organization in a similar fashion, please email info@ericgremminger.com.

October 4, 2018

Yardley, PA

Wellness Presentation

Eric is joining a local police department for a personalized wellness presentation for the officers. This is a closed event, but if you are interested in having Eric speak to your organization, please email info@ericgremminger.com