By Eric Gremminger

Reclaiming the Brain

Activating Sustained Recovery from Addiction

Addiction treatment leader Eric Gremminger delivers an informative read on maximizing potential and happiness in recovery in an easy-to-understand guidebook.

Reclaiming the Brain: Activating Sustained Recovery from Addiction is the culmination of years of extensive fundamental and applied research in neuroscience, addiction, and recovery. Eric offers growth frameworks and solutions he personally uses, and that he has successfully implemented in multiple clinical settings, as well as in his private coaching practice.

This book has a very clear message: your diagnosis is not meant to be your destiny.


The behavior modification strategies outlined in this book are designed to identify and meet the unique needs of each individual, and compliment whatever recovery pathway chosen. Through a combination of positive psychology, personal development and behavioral neuroscience principles, these tools will help you to rediscover your true power within.

– Reclaiming the Brain