Those of you who have known me for some time have probably heard my Bench to Boardroom narrative, but for some of the new faces here, I want to tell you a story.

Eight years ago, I hit rock bottom. I was laying on a bench at City Hall Philadelphia, staring up at the statue of William Penn, wondering what had become of my life. 

I had just been released from Delaware County Prison on yet another possession and DUI charge. It had been winter when I went in, and when I came out on the hottest day of summer, all I had to my name were the hot, heavy boots and coat I went in with. 

I had no one to call, no where to go. I had burned my bridges with family and friends from all the poor choices I had made over the years. All the times I hurt them and broke their trust in me.

In that moment, I felt broken myself. Something in me gave way, gave up, and allowed for surrender to come. I had fought and fought for years, and I could fight no more. I still don’t have words for what happened in that moment, but my ego surrendering provided space to heal. Room for a greater purpose and meaning in my life. When I relinquished my hold on my own selfish view of the world, I was able to embrace a new possibility to serve others.

Ever since that day, I have been OBSESSED with finding methods, tools, strategies – anything I could get my hands on – that would help me to fulfill what I now see as my life’s purpose: to help as many people as I possibly can free themselves of their own binds. To use their past pains as a fulcrum to not be as good as they once were, but BETTER than they have ever been. The manifestation of my relentless pursuit is the Everlasting Recovery Program.

An ending anecdote to emphasize my journey thus far is this: two years ago, on the 43rd floor of the 1500 Market Street building, the building adjacent to City Hall in Philadelphia, I signed a contract with a law firm to teach health and wellness to lawyers and their staff. As I signed my name, I looked up and met the gaze of William Penn once again…. staring him directly in the eye this time. 

I earned a place to share what I’ve learned because I see myself in service to others. Because I see myself as a life-long student who invests as much time and energy as necessary to be the best at what I do. Because there is a purpose to the pain I’ve gone through in my life, and it’s to help ensure the same freedom I’ve found for those who still struggle.#