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If you or a loved one is in recovery, or if you have recently returned to use and don’t know how to access the best care, let me help.

I’m an advocate of evidence-based, integrative recovery management. I treat the whole person, not just his or her symptoms.

My counseling technique utilizes the most advanced, comprehensive and individualized care principles. I counsel both self-referred individuals and those referred by physicians. I am available for one-on-one phone or Zoom sessions.

I will help you embrace an empowered mindset to help you access your body’s innate healing ability. My approach includes integrative methods and conventional western medicine. Ultimately, your body, your life, and your recovery are all unique, and you need to approach your care plan in a unique fashion too.

As your counselor, I will arm you with the tools and understanding you need to thrive in recovery, including: goal-setting techniques, psychosocial support, nutrition advice, exercise routines, stress reduction, and a host of additional evidence-based interventions.

What you’ll receive:

  • Quality-of-life questionnaires with comprehensive review

  • A personalized plan to upgrade attitude and overall lifestyle in manageable, measured steps

  • Recommendations and referrals to practitioners specific to your recovery and needs

  • Simple techniques for reducing stress and boosting happiness

Improving your quality of life while navigating a substance use disorder diagnosis is an investment. And to get a high return on that investment takes time and commitment. During your private, one-on-one session, I will take into account your current overall state of health, both body and mind, and your current abilities and limitations, including physical, emotional and financial factors. If you’re ready to make significant lifestyle changes, a session with me will put you on a personalized path to wellness and sustained recovery!

I’m an internationally certified alcohol and drug counselor (ICADC).  I graduated from Villanova University’s counseling program and I earned my B.S. in Psychology from Drexel University with an emphasis in neuroscience.

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